4. Cargill livestock lot, TX


  5. "We can recognize parts of ourselves in fish - spines, nociceptors (pain receptors), endorphins (that relieve pain), all of the familiar pain responses - but then deny that these animal similarities matter, and thus equally deny important parts of our humanity. What we forget about animals we begin to forget about ourselves."

    Eating Animals, Jonathan Safran Foer

    Shame and animals as “receptacles of forgetting” … “[shame] is the core experience of the ethical. […] what had moved Kafka to become vegetarian? […] a possible answer lies in the connection that Benjamin makes, on the one hand, between animals and shame, and on the other, between animals and forgetting. Shame is the work of the memory against forgetting. Shame is what we feel when we almost entirely - yet not entirely - forget social expectations and our obligations to others in favor of our immediate gratification.”

    Rereading dis book

  9. AZ

  10. Grand Canyon